Vti provides the following list for informational purposes only and does not have any affiliation with the organizations listed.


American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics: www.aiaa.org
- professional society devoted to the progress of engineering and science in aviation, space, and defense

Institute of Environmental Sciences & Technology (IEST): www.iest.org

Institute of Packaging Professionals: www.iopp.org
- an association dedicated to the proposition that packaging is a positive, environmentally responsible and economically efficient force, operating in a modern economic society for the benefit and improved well-being of its people

SAE: www.sae.org
- society dedicated to advancing mobility engineering worldwide

Shock & Vibration Information Analysis Center (SAVIAC): www.saviac.org
- a central information resource for Government activities, contractors, and academics concerned with structural dynamics design, analysis, and testing, and shock physics and weapon effects

Society for Experimental Mechanics (SEM): www.sem.org
- international network of engineers and scientists interested in the research and application of engineering measurements and test methods

Society of Flight Test Engineers (SFTE): www.sfte.org

Vibration Institute: www.vibinst.org
- a nationally recognized not-for-profit organization dedicated to the exchange of practical information about vibration and condition monitoring


AVNC Training: www.avnc.com
- hands-on professional development classes and workshops for beginners and experienced professionals in acoustics, vibrations, noise control, modal analysis, noise & vibration instrumentation, noise & vibration measurements, digital signal processing for acoustics & vibrations, and sound intensity

Engineering Fundamentals (eFunda): www.efunda.com
- an online destination for the engineering community where working professionals can quickly find concise and reliable information to meet the majority of their daily reference needs

Equipment Reliability Institute (ERI): www.equipment-reliability.com
- a specialized engineering school that focuses on solving hardware reliability and durability problems

Jon S. Wilson Consulting: dynamic-consultant@cox.net
- provides technical writing of testing standards, specifications, and procedures; he also witnesses and audits test performance, assists in the specification and procurement of test equipment and services, and consults and trains engineers, technicians, and non-technical personnel on all phases of dynamic and environmental testing and instrumentation

Vibrationdata: www.vibrationdata.com
– consulting and educational services in Acoustics, Shock and Vibration, Signal Processing, Dynamic Data Acquisition and Analysis, Modal Testing and Finite Element Analysis

Vibration and Shock: www.vibrationandshock.com
- a basic understanding of vibration and shock theory, measurement, analysis, calibration and/or testing and screening through a variety of educational courses


Aerospace Testing Expo North America: www.aerospacetesting-expo.com

International Modal Analysis Conference (IMAC): www.sem.org

Sensors Expo: www.sensorsexpo.com


IEEE 1451 Smart Transducer Interface Standards: ieee1451.nist.gov
- a set of open, common, network-independent communication interfaces for connecting transducers (sensors or actuators) to microprocessors, instrumentation systems, and control/field networks

IEEE 1451.4 TEDS Standard: standards.ieee.org/regauth/1451/
- a Smart Transducer Interface for Sensors and Actuators - Mixed-mode Communication Protocols and Transducer Electronic Data Sheet (TEDS) Format


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